How This Site Works

These children are examples of how Big Hands for Little Hearts system of verification works. Russian families and their doctors provide background and medical information and studies about their child along with verification of financial need. Our pediatric cardiologists and surgeons review all information to determine medical necessity and financial need. We then formulate a plan that suits the best interest of the patients and makes best use of limited resources. We calculate an expected cost for the child’s care and we place them on our donation list in order of urgency that care is needed.

We attempt to match donations from the US with donations with those from Russia. This is not always an absolute requirement as children that are in urgent need of care may receive funds from the next available donor.

A photo of the discovered patient.

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  A brief list of details about the patient.   A thermometer showing the donations recieved.   The list of donors, should they choose to have their information disclosed.   A photo of the recovered patient, taken after successful treatment.  

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