The Family Dostoevsky Establishes Fund

In front of the Admirality, Saint Petersburg,

Front left: Gina Hill, Svetlana Nicholaevna, Natalie Kontantinovna Dostoevsky, Alexei Dimitriovich Dostoevsky, Dimitri Andreovich Dostoevsky, Ludmila Chernobrovkina. Back left: Andrew Maxwell, M.D., Sergei Voronov, Paul Pitlick, M.D., Vadim Lubomudrov, M.D., Svetlana Kuzmina-Krutetskaia.




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The Family Dostoevsky Establishes Fund



June 26, 2005 - St. Petersburg, Russia

The living descendents of the great Russian writer, Fyodor Dostoevsky, in the interest of advancing humanitarian causes, have joined with the American non-profit organization, Big Hands for Little Hearts Foundation. The Dostoevsky family is led by the patriarch, Dimitri Dostoevsky, who is the only surviving great-grandson of the writer. Dimitri, along with his son, Alexei and Alexei’s wife, Natalie have begun their mission by meeting with representatives of BH4LH and one of Russia’s finest children’s cardiac surgeons, Vadim Lubomudrov, of Children’s Hospital Number One in Saint Petersburg and with the Cardiologist, Svetlana Kuzmina-Krutetskaia, who is establishing an adult congenital program at the Medical Academy of Postgraduate studies in Saint Petersburg. The family plans to tour hospitals and clinics all over Russia where Russian children with heart disease are cared for in an effort to bring to light the problems with access to healthcare that many Russian families face. Many Russian children who need heart surgery cannot get the operations they need because the family lacks the money for operations. Russia has a quota system whereby a certain number of children can be operated on each year. Unfortunately, many more children require operations than the quota system allows. What is worse it that often those children who fall into the quota system still cannot get the surgery they need because they lack the means to pay for travel and housing to those centers participating in the quota system. Other families are required to bring pacemakers, heart valves or other devices that the surgeons will need for the operation. “The Dostoevsky name is known and respected all over the world. Hopefully, my great-grandfather’s name through this fund will help bring recognition to this terrible problem in Russia along with a solution” states Dimitri Dostoevsky. Big Hands for Little Hearts is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to finding children around the world with heart disease in need of medical and surgical attention and matching them with medical care and donors. Donations can be made online at


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