Big Hands for Little Hearts Introduces PayPal to Make Donations to the

Dostoevsky Family Children's Heart Fund

Easier than Ever



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October 18 , 2005 - Pleasanton, California

In an effort to encourage donations of all sizes to meet the goals of our mission, Big Hands for Little Hearts has set


up the fast, easy, safe and reliable PayPal system to accept donations into the Dosteovsky Fund. By this system donors can have the added convenience of using all major credit cards in addition to the more traditional forms of donation. At the same time they can have the assurance of knowing they are using one of the world's most secure methods of internet commerce.

In an effort to be sure that a donations are used exactly as the donor wishes, we have incorporated the shopping cart method of donation. By this method, you can donate funds to the care of a specific child, donate funds to the building of a particular program, or just donate to our general fund whereby we apply funds to the greatest pressing need.

Our system of donating for the care of a specific child allows you, the donor, to participate directly in that child's care. This is explained in greater details in How This Works.


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